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Before CrossFit I tried walking, community fitness programs, swimming and I tried another gym.

My daughter told me I needed to try CrossFit.  We agreed that if after one month I really didn’t like it, we would never discuss it again.  I started doing CrossFit the day my local box opened – September 21, 2015.  I never looked back. I recently celebrated my one year anniversary with CrossFit.

Before my first class I felt nervous, excited and scared…all of the above. I was trying something new, on my own, and stronger people who could lift more weight intimidated me. I expected weight lifters and huge muscles.  Once I got there I found that there were average people just like me there and that the owners, trainers and other members were so welcoming and accommodating that after the first class, I felt comfortable.

Initially my goal was to lose weight.  As time went on, it was to increase lifting weight and get stronger.

Every day is something new and varied.  I’m never bored.  Every day is a new challenge and when I’m done, I’m always amazed at my ability.  I often drive home and think “Wow!! I can’t believe I did that!”

My biggest accomplishment so far is deadlifting 160 lbs.  And my coach telling me I have great form for this lift.  Also losing weight and getting leaner.  I am down over 30 pounds now!! Seeing your body shape change is incredible.

And even more importantly after 10 months I am now off my blood pressure medication!

Participating in the CrossFit Open was a moment in my life I will never forget.  Life changing for me

The people at CrossFit Bowmanville are Awesome.  They are my CrossFit Family.  They support me and understand me – An absolutely great group of people.

My advice for anyone thinking about trying CrossFit: DO IT.  If I can do it, you can too.  You won’t be wonder woman on your first day.  It takes time.  But you’ll get there. And you’ll have fun.

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