CrossFit Bowmanville Student Special

Only $49/bi-weekly. Valid for students ages 14 and older. Must show valid full-time student id.

CrossFit has something to offer every teen. It doesn’t matter whether you are a competitive type person or just want to be your best and have an awesome workout. We have the program for you. CrossFit Bowmanville exemplifies community and everyone feels welcomed and included.

Are you looking for a great place to get fit with your friends and meet some new friends? We have a great gym environment where there are no attitudes.


Teens are coached in our regular groups, helping them develop teamwork, leadership and confidence. There is no separation based on age or gender and teens are encouraged to support everyone in the group. The community formed within CrossFit Bowmanville is amazing. Teens build strength, strong bodies and most of all strong character as they notice their fitness levels improving on a weekly basis.


Train and be coached by some of the best CrossFit coaches around. Are you ready to get stronger for your sport, the sport of CrossFit, or just because you want to be stronger or leaner or more confident?


CrossFit teaches a full range of motion in all movements and teens that develop, flexibility, balance and strength at a young age will experience huge dividends as they grow into their adult years. The benefits for getting involved with CrossFit as a teen include future injury prevention, balance and coordination across their growth spectrum. This can offset sport specific imbalances which may have developed with other recreational or competitive athletes, and help form the foundation for a long healthy life supported by physical fitness.

Each class takes the student through appropriate warm-ups and mobility, skills development and a WOD (workout of the day). All workouts involve constantly varied functional movements.

The awesome thing about CrossFit is it can be as casual or competitive as you like. In fact the CrossFit Teen category is one of the fastest growing sections of the CrossFit Games.

Whether you are a casual or competitive CrossFitter teens build an awareness of their abilities in different areas of their fitness and are able to track their improvements.



We have priced our student membership at the incredibly affordable price of only $49/bi-weekly plus hst. Memberships are monthly recurring memberships. Memberships can be cancelled at anytime. Simply give us 7 days notice via email and we will cancel it. If you have any questions you can email us at


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